Everything you need to know about Alcor Fund


Who do you provide funding to?

We provide funding to any entrepreneur and founder, who needs it and also pass the eligibility criteria to get funded. It could be a great startup idea or a startup at any of the stages such as - completed Minimum Viable Product (MVP), third-party market research, customer interviews, etc.

What is your Investment criteria?

We run every project through 40 risk parameters to get a thorough understanding of the company's investability. These parameters help to assess the company from tip to toe & in finding the right investability score and right investors. These 40 risks parameters include:

What types of funding do you provide?

We provide a diverse range of fundings to the company. This includes seed investment, angel investment, venture capital, private equity, and mergers & acquisitions among many others. We inspect every form of capital to give you the best option that suits your requirements.

How long is the funding procedure?

The complete funding procedure takes twelve to twenty weeks. Within the first two weeks, it starts with the review of the PitchBook & AI-based Investability report.
Our AI-based report has already accelerated the process, which would have taken extra four weeks for the process. Followed by, the term sheet with all commercial terms will take six weeks & due diligence will take a further four to ten weeks. Lastly, the final contract takes two to six weeks based on the final negotiation.

Can I get immediate funding?

So you want to get funded as soon as you complete the assessment? That's difficult. Because funding itself is a complicated and time-consuming process.
That's why we're here to make it easier for you.
Although there are some quick funding options, it often requires an established business that leverages some benefits to the lender. To raise angel investment, venture capital & private equity, the lengthy process is unavoidable

What is your range of Investment?

Our investment ranges from $500,000 to $10Million maximum. Whereas our Investment Bank can raise funds from $20,000 to $20Mn for startups from investors across the globe who have a keen interest in similar types of projects.

Which are the documents required for the funding procedure?

Our Alcor analysts will have an in-detail call with you to carry out the comprehensive due diligence. The documentation will require more information about the promoters, the team, the market research, the company, the shareholding, the legal structure, legal documentation, financial model with Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss ratios, assumptions validation, and the likes.

Why should I pay for this assessment?

Businesses have a series of risk parameters that most entrepreneurs are hardly aware of. Consequently, only 1% of the pitch decks get invested & the rest gets dismissed.
Founders overlooking these risk parameters & not mitigating them on time is digging the grave for one's business.
Our AI-based Investability report is the savior for the founders & new entrepreneurs. We've brought together a series of risk parameters, that evaluates the company across each parameter & identifies the gaps to secure better funding opportunities.

What type of questions does the assessment have?

Our assessment is based on 40 risk parameters. We have taken into consideration every aspect of the funding subject matter to cover each of the risk parameters comprehensively.

What is the guarantee of me getting the investment?

The Investability Assessment score of 85% plus and the backing of all necessary data and due diligence increases the probability of getting funding to a possibility of a 90% funding chance.
However, the Investment Committee in alliance with expert analysts takes the final decision on investing in each company, based on the risk assessment and the potentiality of the success.

Will my money get wasted if I don't get funded?

No, the money won't get wasted. It's not just about funding. Even if you score less than the benchmark, don't get disheartened. Our highly experienced analysts identify the gaps & provide recommendations to fill it.
Although you don't get ahead. Extensively following these recommendations and bringing change to the current business model & making it better increases the future chance of getting funded.

Why do have I to create an Investor Profile?

An Investor Profile assures that you're a credible, authoritative, and professional investor. Your authenticity increases your likelihood of getting connected to relevant and valued startup founders & entrepreneurs.
Alongside, it ensures that the startup founders receive reliable & trustworthy investor information.

Does the Investor profile have to undergo verification?

Yes, every investor that signs up has to undergo verification. Investors are expected to complete their profile with true information & share their Investment interests. We ensure that our Investor lists are genuine & legitimate.
It's an effort to prevent fraudulent investors from entering the website & scam vulnerable entrepreneurs that are in their journey of fundraising.

What do I need to create an Investor Profile?

Before you get into our Investor Search lists, we first want to know your preferences and industry interests.

Can I browse Investor Search without registering?

No. Through our investor search, we focus on building a genuine network among investors and founders. Our investors are authenticated and are here to get connected to reliable and ambitious entrepreneurs.
By freely browsing Investor Search, we don't want to spam our Investors. Moreover, this poses an unfair way to access confidential investor details.

How do I edit my profile?

Log in to your account. Under Dashboard click on the "Edit" button to edit your profile.

Can I filter my Investor Search?

Yes, we have got a diverse range of investors. To ease out the process & to shorten the time. You can filter out the Investors based on region, location, industry, Funding amount, funding types, investor type & relevant keywords.

How many Investors portfolio do you have?


How many Investors can I select?

You can select up to 20 investors maximum from the list. However, you can contact the Alcor Expert Team if you require more than 20 Investors.

Can I select more than 20 Investors?

Yes. Once you exceed 20 investor lists, a dialog box pops up with a form for contact information & a message box to get connected with the Alcor Expert Team.

How will I get my Investor's lists?

Once you complete the payment. The selected Investors list will appear on your Dashboard in PDF form. You can download and save it for further use.

Do you provide bulk purchases of Investor's lists?

Yes, we provide bulk purchases of the Investor portfolio. However, you cannot make a direct purchase from the website, you have to contact our expert team for a bulk option. We provide a maximum of 20 investors through the search.

How accurate is your financial forecasting?

Combining our knowledge of global markets and direct access to industry data, our team of business experts work with you to build a financial report that is accurate in projecting revenues and growth.

How can I protect my confidential financial data?

We adhere to strict confidentiality norms when dealing with your sensitive data. To further protect your information, you can sign an NDA with us.

What do Investors look at in a pitch deck?

Every business is different. An investor wants to carefully examine each crucial aspect of your business, from the milestones you've achieved and your projected growth to the talent and executionary skills your team brings to the table.
We will work with you to highlight your most important technical and financial data, in a crisp and engaging narrative.

What key topics should my pitch deck cover?

Overall, your pitch deck must contain a highly attention grabbing introduction, a solid plan to achieve your vision, and a clear exit strategy.
In detail, our team of analysts will leverage their industry expertise and experience with investors, to create the right engaging slides best suited to augment your recall value when pitching to investors.

Can I sign an NDA?

Yes, you can. We adhere to strict confidentiality norms when dealing with your sensitive data.

How can I change my Password?

As you Log in, a Dashboard appears for registered users. . Click on the "Change Password" option to change the password.

Where can I view my purchase order history?

You can browse the purchase order history in your User Dashboard under "Order History".

Where can I view my Pending Orders?

You can browse the pending order history in your User Dashboard under "Pending Orders"

Where can I view my Purchase History?

You can browse the Purchase History in your User Dashboard under the "Purchase History" option.

How can I change my billing details?

You can browse the billing details in your User Dashboard under the "Billing Details" option.

Where can I view my Purchased Reports?

You can browse the Purchased Reports in your User Dashboard under the "Purchased Reports" option.

Where can I view my Payment status?

You can browse the Payment Status in your User Dashboard under the "Payment Status" option.

Where can I get coupon codes?

Coupon codes are only accessible during promotional offers. For more information on coupon codes reach out to us at [email protected]