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Build Your Business Financial Model

Financial Model is the heart of a Business Plan and Pitch Deck. If you don’t invest time and effort to get this right, you will miss all the Investors, as the model has to undergo more than 30 test parameters and risk analysis. It is not only the P&L, BS statements, but the detailed cash flow, the personnel plan, the market correlation to match industry growth, the multiple business scenarios to understand revenue dip, profitability dip, the 15 ratios including DuPont Equity analysis, the detailed valuation logic and analysis to make the right financial model.

Does your financial model have the above details to attract global Investors? If not, you need to reach out and discuss with the ALCOR Investment Banking team, before you send the wrong financial model to a good investor and lose the investment opportunity.

Numbers That Explain Your Startup’s Potential
Work with our experts to customize a model novel for your startup.

Build your Financial Model Talk with An Expert

Precise Data Representation
Startups create financial models to raise capital, manage their team’s budget, or sell the business in a successful exit. Using historical data to assess KPIs and forecasting future performance, consolidate your business model and strategy to make educated business decisions.

Investor-Ready Financial Model Report
If it’s to calculate your runway, estimate your scalability pace, or deploy your efforts faster, leverage predictable financial forecasts to make critical company decisions. Such financial reports are exactly what investors want to analyze!

Real Industry Data Analysis
Actively investing across industries around the globe, we combine our knowledge of markets and access to industry data so our team of business experts can work with you to build a financial report that is accurate in projecting revenues and growth.

Build Your Financial Model


  • Key Assumptions
  • Revenue Assumptions
  • Basic Financial
  • Startup Costs
  • Personnel Cost
  • Fixed Costs
  • Variable Costs
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Costs
  • Growth Analysis
  • Five projections (yearly)
  • P&L Statement
  • Cashflow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
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  • All features of Premium and below
  • Direct and Operating Expenses
  • Profoma Income Statement
  • First year projection (monthly)
  • Three year projections (quarterly)
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Business Ratios
  • Company Valuation (Basic)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Financial Highlights
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  • All features of Detalied and below
  • P&L Forecasting
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Business Ratios
  • Company Valuation (Detalied)
  • Investment Justification
  • Risk Mitigation Notes
  • Executive Summary
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