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Joint Ventures

Alcor Fund - Leading Joint Venture Specialists
Alcor plays a key role by giving strategic advice to investors by coordinating and managing partnership elements of the companies that want to enter into a joint venture. We review and identify critical areas, and guide potential partnership structures.

What do we do?

The ALCOR Investment Banking team helps to evaluate company strategic plans, identify partnership structures, and develop strategies that assess risks. ALCOR focuses on creating outstanding value in a Joint Venture Relationship. The value creation results in higher revenues, higher profits, and great shareholder value. ALCOR uses its deep experience to foresee, plan and solve potential misunderstandings that may arise during the process.

We help identify potential companies to partner with, design post partnership operational structures, advice on regulatory compliance, design joint venture strategy, synergy realization, and strategic threat responses.

The Harvard Business School-educated team with in-depth knowledge about multiple structure options, creating outstanding value, with global and Indian experience creates exceptional success for all clients. We would help you sell your business to global buyers at the best possible valuation.

1. Deep industry and CEO level contacts with Funds, Investors across the globe.
2. Access to Global Funds in over 60 countries
3. Ability to raise Capital (PE, VC, Angel, SAFE, Debt, Working Capital, etc.)

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